By Tim Hayes

As the 2010 calendar gets ready for the scrap heap, thoughts begin to turn toward family and friends, gift-giving, and welcoming in a new year with all of its promise.  With two teenagers in the house and a nearly 20-year-old (and how did THAT happen so fast?), I have literally decades of experience under my belt playing Santa.

But I thought it might be fun to extend my Santa-ness beyond just the pile under the Hayes Christmas tree, and lavish gifts (or at least some wishes) to others this year.  Here goes:

To every politician in Washington, DC, and in every state capitol across the fruited plain – A true appreciation of and reverence for the Constitution, and a deep-seated will to abide by the wishes of your constituents.

To all business leaders – Personal humility, respect for your employees, devotion to your clients and customers, and all the success you deserve.

To the Pittsburgh Steelers – A seventh Lombardi Trophy next February.  Long wave the Terrible Towel.

To my fabulous clients – My sincerest appreciation for your belief and trust in me, and my wholehearted commitment to continue to earn it with every engagement.

To K, J, and C – The pride, joy, and love that’s so huge I will never be able to adequately express it.

To the Pittsburgh Penguins – A fourth Stanley Cup next spring.  Sidney Crosby for President (too bad he’s Canadian and can’t run).

To all mail carriers, newspaper deliverers, waitresses, cooks, janitors, nurses, cashiers, retail store stockers, hotel service staff, garbage crews, secretaries and assistants of all types – Thank you for helping to make each day cleaner, safer, and a little easier.

To all police, fire, medical, and emergency teams – A special level of appreciation and gratitude for doing jobs that too often go unnoticed and underappreciated.

To my parents – Comfort in the knowledge that you are true heroes, role models, and unbelievable examples of devotion, commitment, giving, faith, and unwavering love.

To the Pittsburgh Pirates – Some decent pitching.  Please.  Haven’t we all suffered long enough?

And, finally, to EKH – The same gift I’ve tried every day to give you for the past 32 years, a full heart that’s all yours.

Oh, one more.  To everyone who reads this blog – A happy, safe, blessed holiday break with family and friends.  All the best to you in 2011.  We’ll pick up again after the new year begins. 

Ho, ho, ho!  See you in January!

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