With hybrid scheduling and virtual teams, the modern workplace has changed.   It also has changed how leaders need to present themselves to their organizations, customers, and the media.

With large gatherings and speaking from the podium the exception rather than the rule in many instances, today it’s all about how best to convey your most important messages on screen – Streamcasting, in other words.

You can break through the clutter. Elevate your image. Generate the action you need to result from a clearly stated, emotionally impactful Streamcast presentation.

Streamcasting Coaching™ from Tim Hayes knows and shows the way.

The camera creates distortions in appearance and voice. Streamcasting Coaching™ offers practical strategies to eliminate those distortions, actually turning them to your advantage. Decades of nationally award-winning expertise and perspective as an executive speechwriter and presentation coach are at your disposal through Tim’s Streamcasting Coaching™ approach.

  • Available to individuals and small groups.
  • Coaching begins with how to construct information to produce a memorable and actionable presentation.
  • Once the message has been built properly, coaching on impactful delivery begins using instruction and interactive videotaped playback.
  • You receive practical, immediately usable tools and guidance.
  • Anxiety alleviated, confidence rejuvenated.


Why is this important now?

  • Business practices need to adapt to a new set of budgetary and attitudinal expectations.
  • The days of large groups assembling in a single space to listen to a presenter have been reduced.
  • Online presenting – or Streamcasting – fills that gap.
  • Those who project a confident, professional, well-crafted and -delivered message will stand above all others.
  • Impactful Streamcasting becomes a competitive advantage – if you understand how it works and how to deploy its principles to work for you.

What’s the difference between Streamcasting and making a typical presentation?

  • Think of the difference between being an actor on a stage vs. being an actor on film.
  • The perspective of the audience is radically different, so your approach to delivering your message must become different.
  • For the stage actor (same as a traditional presenter), the audience is a fair distance away. They can’t see you up close. Your gestures need to be exaggerated.
  • For the film actor (same as with Streamcasting), the camera IS the audience. Everything is easily visible. Big gestures are not necessary and can actually become distracting. The camera distorts visual and sound cues. Turning those distortions around to your advantage is the heart of Streamcasting Coaching™ from Tim Hayes.

How does the message need to change when using Streamcasting?

  • The rules of crafting a high-impact message remain the same, but the tools available in delivering the message must be understood and leveraged.
  • The use of visuals can increase in streamcasting without taking attention away from the presenter, unlike in traditional presentations.
  • The audience’s attention span may be more limited, so the message needs to be as crisp, focused, and engaging as possible.
  • The presenter must pay more attention than ever to non-verbal facial cues, because of the close proximity of the webcam.

Do I need special equipment to begin to streamcast?

  • Most PCs manufactured over the past 10 years have built-in webcams.
  • If your equipment does not come with a webcam, separate cameras can be purchased in electronics stores, big box stores, or from the manufacturer.
  • Other than that, the only requirement is a wi-fi connection.

How can taking part in Streamcasting Coaching™ improve my performance?

  • It begins with the message – identifying the key takeaways, the supporting facts, a call to action, and a narrative that an audience can relate to and be willing to follow.
  • From there, it becomes a matter of maximizing and getting comfortable with your online presence, rehearsing the material, learning how to incorporate graphics, and applying the additional tips to elevate your streamcast over others in the marketplace.

Contact Tim Hayes Consulting to start Streamcasting Coaching™: 412-708-3501 or tim@timothy-hayes.com.


Also available: Traditional Presentation Coaching, Professional Business Writing, and E-Mail Writing Classes — a great way to instantly raise the status and confidence of your organization.  Especially valuable as part of regular Onboarding Orientation programs for new recruits.