Incisive leaders know that innovative thinking and fresh ideas exist — but may lay dormant — among their teams and all through the layers of staff employees.

It sometimes takes a third-party to create the environment where people feel safe and encouraged to share their thoughts – but when that happens, new opportunities for competitive advances can take root.

Tim has facilitated numerous management offsite brainstorming events, along with team-building sessions with salaried and hourly unionized groups – all of which generated the desired outcomes. Whether your organization needs a lift or a jolt, Tim can get you there.

  • Providing an objective third-party presence
  • Extensive pre-event consultation and preparation
  • Encouraging inclusion, healthy and respectful debate, sense of fun and safety
  • Drawing out new ideas to spur fresh strategic/tactical thinking
  • Guiding diverse groups to align with key organizational goals

Tim can adapt a facilitation engagement to any format or venues, such as:

  • Small Groups
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Solution Management
  • Retreats


“Able to grasp complicated, complex, and sensitive issues quickly, Tim has the insight and ability to target audiences with the right messages to make a difference.”

– Steve Dishart, International Crisis Communications Expert