By Tim Hayes

Some of the greatest business partnerships in history blended the considerable talents of each founder to create something even stronger, better, and more appealing to customers.

After candle maker William Procter and soap maker James Gamble married the sisters of the same family, their new father-in-law in 1837 suggested they work together. Procter & Gamble products can be found in every American home yet today. They apparently abandoned candle making on their way to extraordinary success.

In this and scores of additional examples, the combination of skills, visions, energies, and excellence from two separate contributors came together in new ways to bring an exciting, innovative set of products and services to a customer base eager to enjoy them. In the words of another groundbreaking business innovator, Steve Jobs of Apple, “We make products that people don’t know they can’t live without yet.”

In much the same way, long-time professional colleague Jeff Krakoff and I have combined our respective specialties – executive-level media training and presentation skills coaching – into a new offering to business executives everywhere. We remain separate business entities but are collaborating to offer a service that, to borrow from Mr. Jobs, some leaders may not realize they can’t live without yet!

We start from the fact that, as a business leader, you have one shot to make your mark in high-stakes communications, so you need to make it count – and we can help in a fresh way, driven by two proven experts, each bringing more than three decades of experience working directly with executive-level managers.

This breakthrough linking of two accomplished communicators stands alone in its deep-seated ability to work with top-level business leaders efficiently and in measurable ways. Knowing how to handle media questioning in all scenarios, how to craft messaging for maximum effect, and then how to convey it with power and persuasion – each skill has direct bearing on financial performance.  When done well, results can be influenced in a positive way.  When done without proper preparation, the opposite is just as likely.

Investors, employees, regulators, competitors, and customers are always listening, watching, and evaluating how effectively you represent the organization through your words and actions.

Our joint offering to business leaders adds up to more than the value of our respective parts alone. Our approach is new, original, creative, practical, inventive, and competitive enough to represent an enormous return on your investment.  And, as Messrs. Procter and Gamble realized, no candles are required to shine brightly in the business world.

Let us help you make the most of your opportunities to make your mark in whatever high-stakes communications you and your organization may face, now or in the future.  Contact us at:, 412-709-4199; and, 412-708-3501.  Learn more on the Executive Coaching page of this website.