By Tim Hayes

I recently participated in a panel discussion at George Washington University on speechwriting, and it quickly became one of those instances where you suddenly appreciate how much you enjoy something.  My fellow presenters came from governmental agencies for the most part, whereas my experience has been in the world of business.  It didn’t really seem to matter all that much, though, because we all – once it was our turn to take the stage – soon got so involved in our remarks that the audience of about 100 or so novice speechwriters got swept up into our enthusiasm, as well.

Why is that?  Why such energy and – dare I say it – joy in this form of communication?  While I would not pretend to speak for my compatriots in the speechwriting brother- and sister-hood, I know why I have such passion for this practice.  It’s something very simple, but very heartfelt.  It’s the privilege of playing such a critical role in helping CEOs and other leaders effectively and memorably convey the thoughts, hopes and plans they carry in their heads and hearts for the people they lead.

The right words indeed matter.  The right words spur action.  The right words make a difference and lead to growth, success, and fulfillment.  Speechwriters get to write those words.  It is an honor and, yes, a joy.

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