By Tim Hayes



“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy…”

– Francis Pharcellus Church, New York Sun


* * *

             The famous response to a child’s fret-filled inquiry to her city’s newspaper about the existence of Santa Claus has become one of the most cherished expressions of hope, wonder, and love ever written, and rightfully so.


            In this blessed season, as families gather and we begin to reflect on the year just concluded and the one about to begin, I wanted to use my little bully pulpit here to share some personal observations on my own Santa sightings.


            I know there’s a Santa Claus when…


            …I think of the thousands of hours my parents drove me to music classes, band and orchestra rehearsals, and performances when I was a kid – a parental service I’m proud and happy to provide for my kids, following that wonderful example.


            …I hear my younger daughter consoling her older sister over the phone during an especially stressful week at college.


            …I answer the door and see my Mom, who has shown up unexpectedly with dozens of her homemade “Grandma Cookies” for my kids, made using a mystical recipe so delicious that they could make the lame walk.


            …I call my best friend, a guy who’s been like a brother since we roomed in college, with concerns and worries about business issues, and always feel more positive and energized by the time we hang up.


            …I see my son growing into a tall, happy, and strong young man ready to take on high school and the many opportunities waiting there.


            …I continue to benefit from the confidence and trust of my business clients, year after year, with more of these alliances established all the time.


            …I see my daughters performing in church and in concert, sharing their delightful gift of song with confidence and grace.


            …I work alongside my Dad as he helps me with handyman chores around the house – a gene that somehow remained recessive in my DNA.


            …I hear my wife’s Mom and Dad arrive with their usual boisterous and heartfelt optimism, and somehow any heaviness in the air dissipates instantly.


            And most of all, I know there’s a Santa Claus – an unending, unbending, unyielding source of love, friendship, hope, courage, and support – every time I look into my wife’s beautiful green eyes.


            As my all-time favorite actor, Jimmy Stewart, famously learned, it really is a wonderful life.  It’s my hope for all of my friends and family that you and yours see the wonder of Santa Claus every day throughout the year, as well.  Happy Holidays, everyone!  See you again in 2010!


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