Confidence, Command, and Control — the basics of effective presenters — can take root with the right coaching and guidance, lifting the presenter to a higher plane of effectiveness and impact.

Roughly 27 million Americans fear public speaking, with 90% of those with social anxiety disorder sharing that same fear.*  But only 8% of those who have a fear of public speaking seek professional coaching, despite a 15% impairment on career advancement and a 10% impairment on wages.

You can break through.  Tim Hayes can help.

Decades of nationally award-winning expertise and perspective as an executive speechwriter and presentation coach are at your disposal through Tim’s presentation writing and coaching services.

  • Available to individuals or groups.
  • Coaching begins with how to construct information to produce a memorable and actionable presentation.
  • Once the message has been built properly, coaching on impactful delivery begins using instruction and interactive videotaped playback.
  • You receive practical, immediately usable tools and guidance.
  • Anxiety alleviated.
  • Confidence rejuvenated.
  • Audiences spurred to take the action you seek.

Also available: Professional Business Grammar and E-Mail Writing Classes — a great way to instantly raise the status and confidence of all employees in how they represent your organization through their communications.  Especially valuable as part of regular Onboarding Orientation programs for new recruits.

*Journal of Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology


“I put Tim’s ideas into play after our first session together, and could actually feel the difference.  I know it wasn’t magic, but it almost felt like it was.”

– EVP, Major Health Care Network