Those looking for a unique program offering additional depth are invited to explore this special leadership development and communications support program.

MINDFULL VISION™ – Leveraging Your Leadership Brand to Take You to a New Level

Mindfull Vision™, presented in partnership with noted expert leadership coach and licensed psychologist Rosemarie Perla, begins with instruction and dialogue with leaders like you on gaining greater poise and maturity when communicating and acting as a trusted, trustworthy manager.  Our program – a distinct and powerful blending rarely found in business circles – guides participants (individuals or groups) along two concurrent tracks:

Track 1: Mindfull Managing

We first look inward, helping you understand what makes you most effective: your values, strengths and unique talents – crafting your unique Leadership Brand Statement. This becomes the core element, the driving force, behind your communication and management style.  By providing expert social science-researched methods and rich interpersonal coaching to maximize your leadership strengths, Mindfull Managing brings you to a new level of performance as an elite manager and artful decision maker.

Track 2: Mindfull Messaging

Next we look outward, advancing you in your vital role as communicator. This includes one-to-one coaching on presentation skills — maximizing your emotional, physical, verbal, and vocal impact.  By crafting original speeches for you, providing high-energy presentation skills coaching, and infusing your unique Leadership Brand Statement into every communication, Mindfull Messaging arms you with soaring confidence and unquestioned credibility.

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“I felt much more confident in my material, and the group seemed to grasp the main points with ease and clarity.”

– CEO, Civic Authority